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Alex, CVT


Alex, CVT

Alex has been in the industry for 7 years. She attended the Consumnes River Vet Tech program in California and graduated in 2015 with honors.

After moving to Colorado to marry her husband, she received her state certification and began her dream of working exclusively with cats at another clinic before joining our Carefree Cats family. 

Alex knew from a very young age that she was meant to be in the vet field and feels she has found her purpose in life. Her passion centers around proper handling and nutrition, and she feels there is nothing better than making a difference for every kitty she meets.

Autism is a big part of Alex's work identity. She understands how it feels to be in need of medical care but unable to communicate that. This helps her bring a unique perspective to how she interacts with her kitty patients.

Alex is mom to 3 kitties: Goose the ragdoll mix, Chai Tea Latte the purebred ragdoll, and Mochi the sassy calico.

Her hobbies include cooking/baking, reading and playing the piano and her favorite quote is: "Lots of little steps turn into big ones when you look behind".